Let’s Start Some Trig!

Happy New Year!

Usually at the beginning of the year, the PreCalc classes will start you on Trigonometry, which a lot of students loathe….It’s usually not too bad, but you may find that you have to memorize a little more for your trig sections. That’s OK!  Don’t be afraid to do some memorization in your math classes.

Did you know that the word “Trigonometry” means “Triangle Measure”?  That’s what trig is all about – measuring triangles (specifically, angles and sides of triangles).

I find that if the kids I tutor really liked Geometry, they usually prefer Trig to Algebra, since a lot of trig is visual.  But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a lot of algebra in trig…

Here are the sections I’ve completed on SheLovesMath.com on Trig; hope they help (and let me know if I’m missing anything).  Enjoy!   And check out my new Calculus sections – almost done!

Happy Math’ing,  Lisa 🙂


Right Triangle Trigonometry

Angles and the Unit Circle 

Linear and Angular Speeds, Area of Sectors, and Length of Arcs

Graphs of Trig Functions

Transformations of Trig Functions

The Inverses of Trigonometric Functions

Solving Trigonometric Equations

Trigonometric Identities

Law of Sines and Cosines and Areas of Triangles

Polar Coordinates, Equations and Graphs

Trigonometry and the Complex Plane

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