Math Tips for Back to School

I hope each and every one of you had a (somewhat) relaxing summer and are ready to get back to hard work!

Here are some tips for success in your math class:

  • Read ahead before class if you can.  If you don’t have the book and have the topic, read the topic on She Loves Math!  Or you can do both!   It’s always better to hear the lesson twice!
  • If you can do all (or most) of the problems assigned, but totally don’t understand the topic, that’s OK!  A lot of times we too bogged down with trying to understand WHY a math concept or equation works, but most of the time, we can leave that up to the math experts (of which I am NOT!)
  • It really is important to keep up with your math homework every night; usually the next topic will build on what you’ve just learned.
  • Try to find old tests from friends or siblings; these are great reviews.  The tests won’t be the same, but a lot of time the questions may be similar.
  • If you’re having trouble, try to go to all math tutorials at school, especially right before a test.

I didn’t get quite as much writing as I wanted to this summer, but here are some of the sections that I completed:


We’re getting close to 1000 pageviews a day as the new school year starts.  Thanks for all your support!

Happy Mathing and I’d love to hear any feedback from you,


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