OK, so the math isn’t so girly in these sections….

So the math is getting more difficult, and there aren’t too many story problems so I couldn’t make it too “girly” — but completed Introduction to the Graphing Calculator, Exponents and Roots in Algebra, and Introduction to Polynomials. These topics are mainly taught either at the end of Algebra I or beginning of Algebra II.

On to full blown Quadratics; this will be a long one, since there will be a lot of factoring.

I’m getting a good number of hits on the web site; I’m really happy!

Spread the word, and have fun with math!!


More Sections Completed in Intermediate Algebra!

Systems of Equations and Word Problems and Introduction to Functions are the latest sections to be completed.

Next I need to finish Scatterplots, Correlation, and Regression, and begin Exponents and Radicals.

Note that the System of Equations section contains several word problems, including mixture, money, investment, distance, and geometry problems.

Have fun with math!